As your next Multnomah County Chair, I will work for the following:

Control spending

• Restrict the growth of government
• Seek to regionalize services by involving all surrounding counties
• Bid all purchases over two thousand dollars or purchase goods on state contract
• Support tax incentive programs that provide new job opportunities and attract new businesses to our county

Restore the people’s voice in the decision-making process

• Schedule weekly Commissioner meetings, schedule at least two monthly meetings in the evening to accommodate tax payers who have prior commitments in the day. Schedule meetings across the county for greater tax payer involvement in the decision-making process
• Provide public access to department heads, hold all employees including the Commissioners accountable to the tax payer
• Utilize today’s digital media to make County government and decision-making more transparent. No more back room deals!

As county commissioner, my priorities are as follow:

To Champion Education
The future of our children depends on receiving a great education. Math and science are very important, but we must not forget the importance of the arts and music in developing more enlightened, well-rounded citizens.

To Support our Youth
Our children truly represent our future. It is therefore vital that we give them the best possible start by expanding after school programs, and providing tutoring, job skills and apprenticeship opportunities. To neglect our children is to surrender them to lives of poverty and struggle and to the influence of gangs.

To Encourage Small Business
We need to make it easier for individuals to start and maintain their own businesses. County government needs to encourage small business – not hinder it. The growth of our communities depends on having strong, successful small businesses.